Does My Bum Look Big


Does My Bum Look Big – this series of 3 x 1 hour episodes with the themes of Swimwear, Jeans and Party Wear, is about pulling together Kiwis of all shapes and sizes and helping them make the most of what they’ve got despite their body shape. Leading stylists, Jackie O’Fee and Luke Bettesworth, will show them how to look and feel fantastic, as they take them in search of the perfect swimwear, jeans or party wear for every body shape. And once found, they will strut their stuff on our catwalk at the grand reveal to family & friends. To do that, Jackie and Luke will first assess where they are going wrong when our various body shapes present themselves in their outfits from home.

There will be tests set, plenty of mistakes made, and body shape blunders to boot but ultimately though it’s about the knowledge gained throughout the process that’s important. And armed with this newfound knowledge, our various body shapes will face the daunting task of shopping as they hit the stores under the watchful eyes of Jackie and Luke, in a last chance of many attempts to get it right before they choose their final ultimate look.

And finally to nail their transformation for the big day; hair, beauty and the odd tan treatment will not only bolster confidence, but also enhance the stunning transformations.

There is swimwear, jeans and party wear out there to suit every shape. It’s about learning to show off your assets, disguise your flaws, but most of all, it’s about loving the body you’ve got!


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Production Details

Producer: Emma White

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Stylists: Jackie O’Fee, Luke Bettesworth

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Production manager: Jani Alexander

Funded by: TV3