Fight for Life


Following organizer Dean Lonergan organizing Kiwi and Aussie contenders to climb into the ring for the Fight for Life.

The Countdown to Fight for Life begins with organiser Dean Lonergan trying to confirm his final list of kiwi fighters and resorts to door stopping a number of them, including Eric Rush, in an effort to persuade them to get on-side. He also ropes in Mel Meninga who agrees to find six major Aussie contenders on the proviso that if he fails he’ll get in the ring him-self. Meanwhile wanting to go bigger and better than previous years, Dean books a circus act, amongst other things, for the big night and juggles arrangements for his old mate Mark ‘Horse’ Bournville’s birthday bash where their past catches up with them.

With the Australian line-up still not confirmed Dean takes an eleventh hour trip across the Tasman to help Mel Meninga secure the rest of the Aussie fighters. Before he leaves a press conference reveals the kiwi line-up, including a few surprises, who all take part in a fitness evaluation proving that some of them have some way to go to get in shape before the big night.


Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Producer: Sarah Kinniburgh

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden, Derek Stuart

Director: Dan Henry

Production manager: Philippa Hall

Production coordinator: Rachel Cooke

Camera: Marty Dean, Craig Wright, John Ramsey, Ray Hawes, Tom Walsh

Funded by: TV3