Hotel SOS


Hotel SOS is a series that helps struggling or underperforming Hotels and Motels. Taking on the challenge are industry veterans Frankie Mahoney and Simon Shreeve. They say it is one of the hardest and most demanding industries to work in – owning and running your own hotel or motel.

The seasons are long, day’s relentless, maintenance on going, and the clientele ever demanding. Despite the best efforts of many, some owners find the going too tough.

Step forward our dynamic duo. Between them, Frankie and Simon have the experience and knowledge to transform the fortunes of any flagging hotel or motel. They don’t run a boot camp – nor give cuddles and bottles of warm milk at night – But they do ask the hard questions and spot the glaring flaws…

Why are visitor numbers falling? Is it the dated and charmless rooms, the mixed service, or the non-existent marketing material?

On Hotel SOS, Frankie and Simon answer the distress call of four motel owners. All have been hit in some way by the recession and the down turn in visitor numbers. The answer may be an overdue spruce up of tired interiors, and getting their marketing mix right. For others it’s about targeting the right clientele and creating a visitor experience worthy of their location. Either way, you can be sure that there’s plenty of fireworks, and even the odd tantrum or two.

Because, when its your life savings sunk into a business that’s struggling- the pressure is huge!



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Production Details

Producer: Ashley Stuart Coupland

Presenters: Frances Mahoney, Simon Shreeve

Executive producer: Nigel Snowden

Directors: Ross Peebles, Peter Brebner, Peter Bell

Compile director: Bill Kerton

Interior design: Homebase

Marketing consultation: Tourism Marketing Solutions Ltd

Hotel assessors: Qualmark

Catering specialist: Paul Jobin

Offline editor: Didi Lagerqvist

Online editor: James Gardner

Production managers: Vanessa Ropati, Simone Goulding

Production assistant: Alice Walters

Production runners: Holly Prebble, Roslyn Lusty, Quentin Fullerton-Smith

Camera: Andy Martin, Paul Clark, Tony Wilson, Simon Ellis

Sound: Alistair Wilson, Deb Frame

Narrator: Matt Shirtcliffe

Production accountant: Heidi Salter

Funded by: TVNZ