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How’s Life? celebrated the 100th episode of its third season.  Since the beginning of the third season How’s Life? enjoyed steadily increasing ratings in its timeslot, and viewers have seen 500 problems discussed and solved between the show’s host, Charlotte Dawson, and the revolving team of 18 panelists.


Host Charlotte Dawson said the most rewarding aspect of hosting How’s Life? is that the whole team feel as though they are helping not only the letter writers themselves, but the viewers watching at home who can identify with the issues that people write in to the show about.

The production team at How’s Life? received around sixty emails and letters a day from people all over the country, with issues ranging from relationships, self-help questions, topical issues, home and family situations, and light-hearted questions.  The five letters scheduled in each episode are arranged in such a way as to give a good cross-section of the ranges of issues viewers feel they want discussed.

In the 100th episode the How’s Life team was host Charlotte Dawson, along with panelists Paul Henry, Suzanne Paul, Cindy Gibbons and Vena Crawley. The team advised the mother whose daughter went on holiday and never came back; an unromantic husband; someone with out of control afro hair; someone with a neglected friendship; and a woman who wants her tubes tied but can’t find a doctor who will agree to do it.

Producer Jo Raj said How’s Life? was unique in its ability to reach a wide-ranging group of viewers, by not only screening regular episodes, but also catering to specialist issues like the recent Relationship Special, when Val Bogue from Relationship Services was brought in as a guest panelist, as well as the Fathers Day Special where panelists Lani Lopez and Jude Dobson brought their Dad’s onto the show.



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Production Details

Producer: Jo Rowan-Raj

Series Producer: Wendy Nissen

Exec producer: Irene Gardiner

Presenter: Charlotte Dawson

Panel: Christine Rankin, Robyn Malcolm, Peta Mathias, Julia Hartley Moore, Marcus Lush, Merepeka Raukawa Tait, Suzanne Paul, Colin Hogg, Paul Henry, Jude Dobson, Martin Crump, Pio Terei, Lani Lopez, Vena Crawley, Tau Henare, Horse

Director: Wayne Leonard

Writer: Paul Little

Production manager: Lornelle Henry

Production assistant: Nellie Butler, Karen Wilson

Stylist: Rachelle Christian-Gilles

Graphics: Harriet Hamer

Music: Hammond Gamble

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ