While drag queens, dildos, and deviant sex have their moments, they don’t really sum up an entire community. The truth is most gay people aren’t that different from their heterosexual counterparts – they work, they have relationships, they pay mortgages, and they fantasise about winning lotto. However, what does make them different is their perspective.

Which is why Kiwifruit avoids some of the stereotypes of gay life, and instead presents a queer eye on a straight world – bringing a uniquely gay editorial to everything from world events to pop music, from the Hero party to the National party.

Each week Kiwifruit presents a fast moving package of news, reviews, lifestyle, and entertainment stories but always using candid analysis with tongue in cheek humour to explore any given topic – whether it’s a big issue like of same-sex marriage or an in-situ review of the Erotica sex expo.   

Kiwifruit Presenter Amanda Rees:  “I love getting to peep into other lesbians lives, a little bit of naughty, a little bit of nice.”


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Presenters: Amanda Rees, Kevin Alexander, Matu Ngaropo

Producer: Ashley Stuart Coupland

Exec producers: Nigel Snowden, Peter Allison

Network exec: Anne Murray

Directors: Darren McDonald, Matt Brennan, Michele Simpson, Paul Taylor, Robyn Paterson

Researchers: Amanda Rees, Brad Schmidt, Paul Rose

Writers: Paul Hawker, Samara McDowell, Wain Ching

Offline editor: Allan Bitcheno, Gary Young, Glen Molesworth

Online editor: James Gardner

Production manager: Lauren Lunjevich

Production assistant: Melissa Pentecost

Camera: Andy Martin, Chris Matthews, Craig Wright, Lisa Burd

Sound: Deb Frame, Mark Messenger, Phil Donovan, Peter Kraan, Terry King

Funded by: TVNZ and New Zealand on Air