Last Laugh


The “Last Laugh” is a family show which combines the traditions of Candid Camera and Trigger Happy, extracting humour from the extremes of everyday life. And doing that extracting are a series of guest comedians, as well as our regular comic characters: Leigh Hart – familiar to viewers as “That Guy” on TAB Sports Café, and now the star of his own sketch show Moon TV; and Glenn Elliot, creator and presenter of the cult hit Boss TV, and the Stand segment of the youth favourite Ice TV.

The “Last Laugh” is the show where the joke could be one you.  Each week the Last Laugh team plays tricks on unsuspecting members of the public.  And each week we help a viewer in distress.  Someone with an annoying practical joker in their lives.  Someone who’s put up with one stupid prank too many.  Each week the Last Laugh team set up an elaborate sting to turn the tables on that unsuspecting practical joker…. And help our luck viewer get the “Last Laugh”…….


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Production Details

Producer: Helen Back

Comedians: Rachel Callinan, Glenn Elliott, Tarun Mohanbai, Josh Thomson, Sam Wills, Vaughn King, Peter Vega, Bob Kerrigan

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Tony Manson

Field Directors: Bill Kerton, Paul Taylor


Writer: Paul Taylor

Editors: Allan Bitcheno, James Gardner

Production managers: Lauren Lunjevich, Lisa Hopwood

Production coordinator: Wendy Tetley

Production assistant: Nick Barber

Camera: Nick Barber, Clint Bruce, Barry Caitcheon, Andy Martin, Tom Walsh, Craig Wright,

Sound: John Clarke, Phil Donovan

Narrator: Bill Kerton

Production accountant: Odile Simkin

Funded by: NZ on Air, TVNZ