Mike King’s Commercial Chaos


Stand out, stand up comedian Mike King –  back on the box to host a series of laugh-out-loud one hour specials for TV2 in Mike King’s Commercial Chaos. Having scoured the globe for the crème de la crème of television commercials, he’s put together four shows of pure unadulterated fun.

Wacky, weird, outrageous, naughty – or just downright hilarious – all the commercials in this show have been hand picked and quality assured. That one with the dog, that one with that naughty kid, that one where that guy does that thing…Mike’s managed to find them all, and package them up with his own unique comedic style. This is stand up comedy that will have you horizontal with laughter as you try to keep up with the frenetic pace of the globe’s greatest commercials. Chaos is an understatement as Mike guides us through the wild world of advertising, where companies will try anything to make their product stand out and your cash line their pockets.  World wide advertisements stitched together with local flavour from one of New Zealand’s most treasured stars – this is family entertainment at its best.

Mike King is one of New Zealand’s best known stand-up comedians with a career spanning over 17 years. After undergoing a change of lifestyle due to a stroke in January 2007 and a much publicised battle with depression, Mike has come out the other side and is right back on top. Gone is the over-the-top, in-your-face style of comedy that Mike made his name with, and replacing it is a more positive uplifting style that he is relishing.  “I am really loving the way the audience is responding to the new me, I am so lucky to have been given a second chance at life and I plan to make the most of it…”
With a newly defined and “real” style of comedy King has been wowing audiences both here and across the Tasman. Mike was recently the subject of the first NZ “MTV Roast” in honour of his achievements as one of NZ’s premier comedians.

(Note: for copyright reasons these programmes are not available for screening outside New Zealand.)


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Production Details

Production Personnel Series 2

Producer: Simone Goulding

Presenter: Mike King

Executive producer: Sophie Dungate

Network exec: Tony Manson

Studio director: Peter Bell

Researcher: Deborah McTaggart

Offline editors: Didi Lagerqvist, Craig Lindsay

Online editor: James Gardner

Production manager: Alix Wilson

Production coordinators: Linda Loevoll, Jody Phillips

Production assistant: Kali Moss

Camera/sound: Adelle Wintle

Autocue: Sarah Wilson

Technical manager: Nigel Windsor

Makeup: Bronwyn Lewis

Studio design: Brett Schwieters

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ