The Tem Show


Internationally acclaimed Temuera Morrison, star of Once Were Warriors and Star Wars, with his own entertainment show – THE TEM SHOW, which launched on July 20 at 8.30pm on Prime.

Temuera Morrison can act, sing, dance, and perform a mean Haka. He is charming and funny… and he even does his own stunts!  His new entertainment series is slick, stylish and all about showbiz. It’s all done with a Kiwi twist that New Zealand will love.

Each episode is a mix of chat, performance and humour when he throws open his doors to well known New Zealanders, catches up with some of the world’s biggest names, has a jam with some Kiwis making it big on the international music stage and even performs his own daring stunts.

Guests often have a personal connection to Tem – stars he has worked with in the past, or people he is currently working with.

Kiwis Martin Henderson, Rena Owen, Nathan Haines, Melanie Lynskey, Daniel Gillies and Director Lee Tamahori are all making a name for themselves in the US and THE TEM SHOW takes you too them. Find out what they have been doing and what they are doing now!

The show also features international stars including Tem’s ‘Speed 2’ buddy Jason Patric, ‘The Piano’ and ‘King Kong’ star Adrien Brody, ‘The Fantastic Four’ star Ioan Gruffudd along with Tem’s Kiwi friend, winemaker and fellow actor Sam Neill. THE TEM SHOW also takes an exclusive look inside Lucas Ranch when Tem talks to Star Wars creator George Lucas.

In the studio, THE TEM SHOW gets down with Kiwi artists Anika Moa, Nathan King from Zed, the boys from Steriogram and Hip Hop sensation King Kapisi.

So, for a dose of entertainment, fun, music and action, check out THE TEM SHOW, when Temuera Morrison brings a little bit of Hollywood to New Zealand on Prime.


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Production Details

Senior Producer/Director:  Stephen Campbell

Producer: Becky Salomons

Host: Temuera Morrison

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Andrew Shaw

Director: James Turner

Researchers: Liz Donnelly, Jared McDonald, Jason Payn

Offline Editor: Dan Frost, Allanah Milne

Production manager: Kylie Henderson

Production coordinator: Erin Uttinger

Production assistant: Morgan Williams

Camera: Peter Krajewski, Tony Burrows, Julian Boshier, Malcolm Clement, Michael Jonathan, Jeff Aldridge, Barrington West, Roddy Blelloch, David Yosha

Sound: Mike Jonathon, Charles Rohr, Riahcard Hunnel, Ben Vanderpoel, Mark Messenger

Music: Andrew McDowall

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand on Air and Prime TV