Adventures in Wonderland


Adventures in Wonderland – in just 22 action-packed days and nights we follow a diverse group of young tourists from all over the globe who will try their hand at activities they have only dreamed of doing, one-off experiences, combining all the outdoor adventures New Zealand has to offer.  This will be the ride of their lives – and for us, a chance to see ourselves as others see us.  They laugh, they cry, there’s plenty of action, romance, drama, tension, you name it, you gonna see it.


Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Producer: Ingrid Leary

Thanks to: Kiwi Experience

Exec producers: Nigel Snowden, Tony Manson

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Director: Peter Bell

Field director/camera: Phill Prendeville

Writer/compile director: Ingrid Leary

Editor: Nick Reid

Online editor: Richard Hobson

Production manager: Philippa Hall

Production assistant: Liz Skinner

Camera: Cam Feast

Narrator: John Sumner

Script editor: Paul Hagan

Sound mix: Terry Murphy

Production accountant: Jeanette Wiles-Cromie

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ