Against the Odds

Against the Odds

Screening on TV3 –  ‘Against the Odds’ a series about survivors – ordinary New Zealanders thrown into extreme situations they combat with courage, tenacity and resourcefulness.  People who survived terrible ordeals through courage, spirit and resourcefulness.

Buried in a snow storm, attacked by a shark, trapped in a burning car, adrift at sea for 65 days: these are inspirational tales about ordinary people who refused to die.

Presented by Paul Gittins, survivors share their stories through recollections, and those of family, friends, caregivers and the support teams that helped them through their often harrowing ordeals.  “They are amazing stories”, says Gittins, “and I like what the programme promotes – that never-say-die aspect of people, and the human qualities that make someone survive.  It comes through really strongly.”


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Production Details

Producers: John Harris & Mark Everton

Directors: Michelle Bracey, Nigel Carpenter, Christopher Dudman, Karen McKenzie, Mark McNeil, Graham Ralphs, David Reid, Haunui Royal, Virginnia Wright

Researchers: Debra Daley, Chris Dudman, Leigh Elliott, Mark Everton, Mark McNeil, Jo Webster

Offline editor: Nicola Smith

Online editor: Paul Hamilton

Art director: John Williams

Production manager: Tanya Stiles

Production coordinator: Kathy White

Production assistant: Paola Havill

Office administrator: Mandy Harris

D.O.P. Nick Finlayson

Sound: Craig Perry

Narrator: Paul Gittins

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: N.Z. On Air & TV3