Auction House

Auction House

Suits of armour lean against serene Buddhas. African Masai spears are stacked below Ralph Hotere’ lithographs and there’s a first edition copy of J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan in the corner.

Welcome to Dunbar Sloane’s Auction House…

We’ll take you behind the scenes to show you the daily dramas and achievements of one of the most successful Auction Houses in New Zealand.

Every object has its own unique story whether it’s the “Thewa” Brooch, produced by goldsmiths in 18th Century Rajasthan at the request of the Maharajah or the hefty collection of diamonds, gifted to a lady by her lover, that after closer inspection turn out to be only zircon!

Join the team at Dunbar Sloane as they auction off pieces of local and international art  at their Gallery in Auckland and get the benefit of insider knowledge of this fascinating process…

The top-rating programme Auction House screened on TVOne for three series of 10 episodes.


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Production Details

Year of screening: 2009

Producer: Peter Allison

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Thanks to: Dunbar Sloane Auction House

Network exec: Kathryn Graham

Editors: Allan Bitcheno, Didi Lagerqvist Holt, James Gardner, Jon Kirk

Line producer: Jani Alexander

Production coordinator: Katja Struder

Camera: Craig Wright, Garth Merrylees, Sander Derks, Roger Pittman, Mike Nelson, Gary Hopper, Marty Williams, Mathew Knight

Sound mix: Liquid Studios

Narrator: John Leigh

Financial controller: Peter Imrie

Funded by: TVNZ