Border Patrol

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The favourite and top rating series Border Patrol is in their outstanding 8th series following the men and women working for the New Zealand Customs Service, Ministry for Primary Industries and Immigration New Zealand as they work around the clock on the frontline checking for drugs and illegal goods, monitoring incoming passengers and packages at the border for potentially harmful diseases that if infiltrated into New Zealand could cripple our economy overnight, and profiling and screening for undesirable arrivals.

In addition to the return of NZ Customs and Ministry for Primary Industries, Series 8 of Border Patrol also followed Immigration New Zealand staff as they profile and screen for potentially undesirable visitors entering New Zealand.

Filming for this series took place at Auckland and Queenstown airports, the Air Cargo Inspection Facility and the International Mail Centre where the viewer gets a first hand view as Customs staff keep one step ahead of smugglers attempts by intercepting illegal drugs cleverly concealed within electrical goods, dried fruit, novelty toys and even a concrete bucket.

These intercepts lead to millions of dollars worth of drugs never making it onto New Zealand streets. Instead they’re passed on to Customs Investigations before being sent off for destruction.

While running checks at the International mail centre Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) keep a constant eye out for undeclared food items, insects, plant material, animal products and endangered species. This series involved the findings of a number of taxidermied items being inspected everything from a Lion head and skin to 3 headed birds to snake skins, all of these were required to undergo further treatment before being allowed across the border.

Over at the airport the MPI biosecurity staff find everything from a growing plant packaged in plastic to cougar and bear skins to undeclared meat items and even a large bag of untreated tea, all of these items carry potential biosecurity threats that could cause havoc to our growing industries.

Of particular interest in this series were MPI’s attempts at both the airport and the mail centre to halt the smuggling of highly prized birds nests made from swallows spit, which sell sells of over $2000 a kilo and so often referred to as Caviar of the East.

Immigration New Zealand’s involvement in this series of Border Patrol has provided a number of different stores not previously seen on Border Patrol, we see a Bulgarian card skim, a sex offender, a cannabis cultivator, a Korean sex worker all stopped at the Border, questioned and sent on the next available flight home.

Border Patrol, continues to give New Zealanders a remarkable insight of the men and women who work on the frontline jobs to protecting border.  Border Patrol series 9 is in production.



Production Details

Production personnel Border Patrol, Series 8

Year of screening 2016

Thanks to Ministry for Primary Industries, N.Z. Customs Service, Auckland International Airport, Queenstown International Airport, Immigration New Zealand

Producer Kate Peacocke

Associate Producer Jani Alexander

Executive Producer Richard Driver

Network Executive Kathryn Graham

Post Directors Kate Peacocke, Richard Calder, Reuben Pollock

Script Editor Bill Kerton

Editor Richard Calder

Production Manager Jani Alexander

Production Coordinator Nithya Ratnayake

Online Cody Shuttleworth, James Brookes, Department of Post

Colourist James Gardner

Camera Tom Walsh, Jeff Aldridge, Nick Quail, Jon Bowden, Lewis Price-Milne, Malcolm Clement, Paul Griffin, Scott Douglas

Sound Mix Envy Studios

Graphics Strategy

Narrator Tim Balme

Music Liquid Studios

Production Accountant Hina Dalwadi

Financial Controller Glenda Paterson

Funded by Television New Zealand