City Beat


Queen Street is a magnet for street life in all its variety. On busy Friday and Saturday nights the throng of shoppers and clubbers, boy racers, musos and down-and-outs can be a volatile bunch, especially when drugs, alcohol, and gang rivalries are added to the mix.

To tackle the problem Heart of The City have employed private security firm First Security to clean up the streets. Thanks to that initiative crime rates in the CBD have plummeted. Now continuing what they started First Security want to see the city free of the kind of elements that make it downright dangerous after dark.

Guards such as T, Mark, Jason and Bill have seen it all over the past year in the front line. Bill finds a woman thrown out of her home by street kids, washed up on Queen street with no one to make sure she gets the medicine she will die without; two rival groups decide to take exception to each other while driving their hotted up cars forcing Mark and Jason to run in and break them apart in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic; and a call out to a central city hotel has T meeting his biggest fan… who is convinced that T is giant sized, possesses super human powers, and is the finest member of First Security.

It’s all part of the job for the City Beat boys… never tiring of their duty to make the city streets safe for all!


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Production Details

Producer: Nigel Snowden

Thanks to: First Security, NZ Police

Trainee line producer: Elizabeth McGougan

Network exec: Goeff Steven

Director/Writer:  Paul Hagan

Script Polisher: Derek Stuart

Online Editor: Nick Braxton

Production manager: Odile Simkin

Camera: Mal Williams, Jeff Cameron, Craig Wright

Sound Mix: Simon Weir

Narrator: Jason Hoyte

Theme Music: Liquid Studios

Graphics: Indiscreet

Funded by: TV2