CIU – Crash Investigation Unit

Promotional Trailer

Crash Investigation Unit follows the officers from the moment a call comes in, until the conclusion of a case months later, offering rare insight into the exhaustive and fascinating processes of evidence gathering, mechanical investigation, forensic testing and witness testimonies.

Balancing this forensic storytelling (including 3-D animations created from police laser-survey data) is the human, personal impact of road trauma: Families and friends share stories of lost loved ones; survivors reflect on luck and what they could, or should, have done differently; and witnesses relive the shock of what they saw.

From witnesses trying to free a driver from a flaming inferno, to the teen learner driver who kills her friend, from late night on a rural road to rush hour on a highway, they’re all intriguing jobs for the specialist Crash Investigation Unit and dramatic real-life viewing for audiences.

Filmed by Greenstone in Sydney for the Seven Network, Crash Investigation Unit features teams of highly specialized police officers as they work to establish the causes of tragic incidents.  Two series have now been produced.


Production Details

Year of screening: 2011

Producer: Rachel Antony

Thanks to: NSW Police

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Dan Meenan

Field Producer: Sarah MacLellan

Post & recon director: Craig Gaudion

Offline editor: Torin Mathias, Phil Holt

Onlining: The Lab, Babylonia

Production manager: Tanya Pouwhare, Bronwyn Bezuidenhout, Kylie Henderson

Production assistants: John Ma, Douglas Ngai

Production coord: Hilton Howson

Camera: Stephen Baker

Additional camera: Craig Donaldson, Lindsay Day

Sound: Marty Butler, Craig Maguire, Robert Colvill, Lionel Tregret, David Tottle

Narrator: Steve Bastoni

Music: Ant Nevison

Graphics: Kangoo Animation

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: 7 Network, Australia