Coastwatch OZ

Promotional Trailer

Coastwatch Oz screened on Prime TV and will screen on Channel 7 in Australia later this year.

Australia’s coastline is under threat like never before.

As Police deal with organized crime and dramatic offshore rescues, Fisheries officers target black market poaching and illegal syndicates worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.In Channel 7’s brand new series, Coastwatch OZ, our cameras are given exclusive access to follow the heroic actions of the men and women protecting our seas and waterways.

From drug busts and drunks to sinking yachts with families aboard, Coastwatch OZ is there to give a never-before-seen perspective, as police officers put their lives on the line in often highly treacherous conditions.

Fisheries work is also dangerous and our cameras are on hand to capture explosive confrontations between Fisheries officers and the thieves who plunder our precious fish supplies and steal off the working man.

From fast-paced action and violent showdowns to classic Australian characters, Coastwatch OZ takes viewers behind the scenes for a first-hand look at what it takes to enforce the law and keep Australians safe on the water.




Production Details

Production personnel series Coastwatch Oz

Year of screening: 2014

Producers: Mary Durham, Saffron Jackson

Associate Producer: Georgina Bakker

Thanks to: NSW Marine Area Command, NSW Department of Primary Industries, and Destination New South Wales

Head of production: Andrea Lamb

Line producer: Kylie Croft

Network exec: Dan Meenan

Post director: Alex Hogg

Online editor: Post Op Group

Offline editor: Mike Viskovich

Production managers: Jani Alexander, Margaret Bowling

Production coordinators: Ainsley Allen, Simone Faets

Camera: Justin Lewis, Dean Croppy, Craig Donaldson

Sound: David Tottle, James Nowiczewski, Chadd Houssenloge

Narrator:  Dorji Swallow

Theme composition: Harmonic

Titles: Component Media

Audio post: Post Op Group

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: Channel 7