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TVOne’s consistently top rating show Coastwatch has finished screening its seventh series, catch up on TVNZ on demand for missed episodes. Following Fishery Officers from The Ministry for Primary Industries, NZ Airforce and Navy personnel, and the Maritime Police, we get up close and personal to find out what’s involved in patrolling and enforcing the law that protects our coastlines, water-ways and billion dollar Kai-moana industries.

We also follow the men and women volunteering for Northland Regions Coastguard, and the Northland Electricity Rescue Helicopter.  Tasked with responding to mayday calls, medical emergencies, on-water breakdowns and accidents, they keep our waterways, and those on them, safe.  The Maritime Police, along with the Police National Dive Squad, are also on high alert for any maritime emergencies.

Fisheries are always on the look-out for abuse of our natural marine resources.   This series follows strategic and planned surveillance and bust operations for relentless poachers, as well as Fisheries regions targeting recreational fishermen who always take a few too many.

The Volunteer safety and emergency response organisations find, and rescue, yachts-men lost at sea, winch injured passengers off yachts and cruise ships, while the Coastguard Volunteers pluck passengers off sinking vessels, steer vessels safely out of dangerous waters, and prevent a yacht crashing and stranding on rocks. With approximately 15,000 kilometers of Coastline and a nation of people that cannot keep out of the water – whether for recreational or illegal purposes –  Coastwatch again delivers exciting stories with the men and women who dedicate their lives to enforcement and safety on the sea.


Production Details

Production personnel series 7

Year of screening: 2013

Producers: Megan Jones, Wendy Tetley

Thanks to: Ministry for Primary Industries, Coastguard – the Charity saving lives at sea, Maritime Police Unit, Royal NZ Navy, Police National Dive Squad, Northland Emergency Services Trust, Department of Conservation, NIWA

Exec producer: Ashley Stuart Coupland

Network exec: Kathryn Graham

Online editor: James Gardner

Online editor assist: Martin Wilson

Compile directors: Craig Burton, Rebecca Mellor

Offline editor: Phil Holt, Emma Copeland

Production manager: Angela Burgess

Production coordinators: Carita de Jong, Kali Moss

Production assistant: Haidee Brown

Camera: Craig Wright, Scottie McKinnon, Nic Hawke, Sjaak te Brake, Mal Williams, Dean Whitehead, Mark Orton, Brian Wickstead, Simon Ellis, Kina Scollay, Marcus Palmer, Chris Terpstra, Jeff Aldridge, Kirk Pflaum, Scott Douglas

Sound mix: Sale Street Studios

Narrator: Jason Hoyte

Theme music: Liquid Studios

Graphics: 6twenty Design

Production accountant: Heidi Salter

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ