Coromandel Med

Coromandel Med

During the holiday season thousands of out of towners invade the Coromandel Peninsula seeing the population swell from 4000 to 10 000. The influx of visitors puts pressure on the two local GP practices which struggle to keep up with demand. More people on the peninsula also means more accidents, and more trips for volunteer ambos to the nearest hospital which can be up to a 3 hour drive away.

As we follow local doctors, a district nurse and volunteer ambulance staff on the job  around the Coromandel Peninsula many colourful New Zealand characters come out of the woodwork. We meet hermits to musicians to Coromandel Med’s version of the ‘Topp Twins’ who live in some of the most amazing parts of Coromandel Peninsula.


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Production Details

Producer: Jacquie Hudson

Thanks to: Coromandel Medical Centre, Coromandel Family Health, Phoenix House, St John Ambulance, Health Waitako

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden, Derek Stuart

Network exec: John Wright

Compile director: Micheala Rooney

Researcher: Rachel Antony

Editor: Torin Mathias

Production manager: Megan Douglas

Production assistant: Rachel Cooke

Camera/director: Dan Frost, Craig Wright, Dave Stipsen

Narrator: Greg Johnson

Theme music: Liquid Studios

Production accountant: Sue Airey

Funded by: TVNZ and New Zealand on Air