Fighting Fat

Fighting Fat

Fighting Fat is the weight loss show with a difference.  Five people are assigned five different diets for five months.  This is not a quick fix – the series will follow the Fat Fighters for the full five months to see what it really means to try to lose weight and completely change your lifestyle.  As there are five people on five different diets the series aims to explore what makes for successful weight loss.

To give them the best chance of success the Fat Fighters are supported by a team of experts – Jeni Pearce, one of New Zealand’s top nutritionists, Lisa Logan, a expert in getting seriously overweight people active and the programme’s presenter John Aiken, New Zealand’s best known psychologist. 

As well as all this support the participants will also take part in an experiment every week to reveal the science behind weight loss.  The series will answer questions like; Do fat people really have slow metabolisms?  Does the way you think about your body effect your chances of losing weight?  And how much food is too much? 


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Production Details

Producer: Jenny Williams

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Tony Manson

Director: Sharon Bennett

Researcher: Alex Reed, Tasha Lang, Tara Landry

Junior researcher: Gemma Murcott

Online Editor: Andrew Mortimer, Dylan Reeve

Offline Editor: Sabrina Burnard, Christine Jordan, Paul Skulander

Script Polisher: Derek Stuart

Production manager: Peter Clews, Tanya Pouwhare

Camera: Barry Caitcheon, Clinton Candy, Paul Clark, Malcolm Clement, Darryn Inder, Tom Walsh, Shaun Logan, Tom Fowlie, Dominic Fryer, Sharon Bennett

Presenter: John Aiken

Series Music: Andrew McDowall

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ