Firefighters captures frontline action with the men and women of the NZ Fire Service. 

The series centres around career firefighters from the Auckland Fire Region who are responsible for one of the biggest, busiest and most diverse fire regions in the country – as well as volunteer crews from Thames and Coromandel.   It’s a little known fact that 80 percent of New Zealand’s firefighters are made up of volunteers who receive no pay and are on call 24/7.

Firefighters is ‘character driven’ and follows a variety of characters including Station Officers, rookies, a female fire fighter and a fire safety officer.

Associate Producer, Dianne Lindesay says there is a very strong sense of camaraderie amongst the firefighters.

The series was filmed over a period of six months.  Director/camera operators lived on station to ensure cameras were right alongside fire fighters at key moments – observing, capturing and reflecting the detail of their specialised and often dangerous work.

The result is a series that demonstrates the wide range of fires and exceptional circumstances fire fighters deal with on a daily basis.  Callouts are varied and include house fires; chemical spills; people trapped in lifts; car accidents; a dog stuck in a house and even a truck that’s crashed into a house!   


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Production Details

Producers: Dianne Lindesay, Ingrid Leary, Jonty Rutherford

Thanks to: Staff and families of the N.Z. Fire Service

Exec producer: Tony Manson

Fire Service production liaison: Roy Breeze

Network exec: John Wright

Researcher: Dianne Lindesay

Script consultant: Jim Mora

Offline editor: Kristin Leys

Online editor: Guy Brinsdon

Production manager: Carolyn Harper

Production coordinator: Marilyn Burgess

Production assistant: Amanda Viney

Director/camera: Dan Frost, Rebecca Mellor, Craig Wright, Geoff Cox, Paul Clark, Stephen Baker, Jonty Rutherford, Jeff Cameron

Sound mix: Simon Shazell

Narrator: John Sumner

Production accountant: Jeanette Wiles-Cromie

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ