Highway Patrol

Promotional Trailer

Take a seat and buckle-up; Highway Patrol  is a wild ride.

Highway Patrol takes a rare fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the working lives of the Victorian police officers who spend their days striving to keep the roads safe.

From high-speed chases and violent conflicts to investigating crash scenes and major crime discoveries, officers of the Victoria Police Traffic Units spend each day on the front line.

These officers are passionate about their work, proud of what they do out on the roads every day and invite viewers into their remarkable world in Highway Patrol.

Highway Patrol is produced by Greenstone with the cooperation of Victoria Police.  Series six is in production.


Production Details

Highway Patrol production personnel series 5

Year of screening: 2013

Producers: Mary Durham, Saffron Jackson

Thanks to: Members of the Victoria Police

Head of production: Andrea Lamb

Line Producer: Kylie Croft

Network exec: Dan Meenan

Post directors: Alex Hogg, Craig Burton

Online editor: Post Op Group

Offline editor: Justin Redding

Compile editor: Mike Viskovich

Additional script: Justin Redding

Production manager: Jani Alexander

Production coordinators: Ainsley Allen, Lauren Slade, Jody Watson

Camera: Scott Douglas, Michael Jones

Sound: Roger Van Wensveen, Andy Laidlaw, Martin Keir, Murray Blair

Narrator: Hugh Wade

Audio Post: Post Op Group

Theme composition:  Harmonic Studio

Title: Component

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: 7 Network, Australia