History Under The Hammer

Promotional Trailer

History Under the Hammer, a fascinating new series screening on Prime, where we celebrate treasures and taonga from our past.  

Every week three items with captivating stories from bygone eras are tracked as they go under the hammer at auction houses around New Zealand.  We then follow these objects on an intriguing journey; time tunneling back through the years to investigate their remarkable and often unexpected history. With the help of experts we take a fun approach exploring the time period recognised as the heyday for these treasures, discover the romance associated with them and take a glimpse at New Zealand life when these items were considered so significant.  After this brief insight we haul our treasures back into the present day to watch their moment in the auction spotlight to see how they fare, will the item be highly sought after and reach a record price? Or will some lucky bidder score an amazing bargain with an intriguing piece of New Zealand history.

History Under the Hammer, screened 7pm on Prime TV.


Production Details

Date of first screening: 26 February 2012

Producer: Kate Peacocke

Line producer: Kylie Croft

Head of production: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Kathy Wright

Field director: Kate Peacocke

Post production directors: Bill Kerton, Simone Harris

Researcher: Alex Reed

Online editors: James Gardner, Martin Wilson

Offline editor: Henry Bolton

Production manager: Laura Peters

Production coordinators: Kali Moss, Siobhan Kelly

Camera: Hamish Wilson, Chris Brokensha, Andy Martin, Tony Wilson, Grant Atkinson, Jeff Aldridge, Paul Clark, Mike O’Connor, Yves Simard

Sound: Phil Donovan, Shaun Logan, Craig Mullis, Nicole Smith, Andy Thomas, John Patrick, Eugene Arts, Frank Phipps, Mark Storey

Narrator: Jason Hoyte

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: New Zealand On Air and Prime Television