House Call


As a nation, Kiwis strive to buy their own homes – so driven to own a piece of land that the bulk of the country is mortgaged to the eyeballs, living in hope of massive property appreciation. House Call provides a solution, stacked with facts and inspiration when it comes to the real estate market, as well as an intimate look at real people dealing with the pressures of buying and selling a home.

House Call is presented by real estate experts, Nat Davis and Stephen Hart, who will help with the selling process as well as advise on finding and buying the right property for the right price.

“We’re a nation obsessed with property,” says the Producer, “all striving to buy our own piece of paradise. “Amazingly many of us attempt to do this knowing next to nothing about how real estate really works despite the fact that we are about to embark on the biggest investment of our lives. The stress that causes can be immense.”   “House Call is effectively a tool that helps people navigate the property market, with two experts on hand to advise at every stage.”



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Production Details

Production Personnel Series 2

Producer: Derek Stuart

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Kathryn Graham

Presenters: Nat Davis, Stephen Hart

Builder: Andy Rust

Design consultants: Graham Dickie, Republic Home

Makeover coordinator: Nick Barber

Directors: Pietra Brettkelly, Brigid Reilly

Editor: Mike Viskovich

Production manager: Lisa Hopwood

Production coordinator: Jani Alexander

Camera: Chris Matthews, Tom Fowlie, Clinton Candy, Andy Martin

Sound: Phil Donovan, John Clark, Pete Brebner

Narrator: Mike Hall

Music: Liquid Studios

Graphics: Flying Start Pictures

Production accountant: Odile Simkin

Funded by: TVNZ