House Obsessed


As a nation we owe over $68 billion in residential mortgages……then we spend $3 billion a year making that house a home.

That helps to explain why there are 8,000 police in New Zealand ….and 12,000 real estate agents.

Over the last five years our obsession with houses has exploded and it seems no matter how many magazines, makeover shows, and design stores we’re confronted with we still want more. In fact, we’re so busy building, renovating, and trying to play the rising property market that we’ve never stopped to ask WHY this is such a huge part of our culture.  House Obsessed puts our relationship with our homes under the microscope and asks why we do it and what it says about us as New Zealanders.

We’re house obsessed and the where’s and why’s make compelling viewing, in between the renovating jobs of course.


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Production Details

Producer: Derek Stuart

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network executive: Sue Woodfield

Production manager: Philippa Hall

Accountant: Odile Simkin

Financial controller: Peter Imrie

Funded by: TV3 & New Zealand On Air