Greenstone TV Interns

Interns – from dealing with potential heart attacks when there’s no one else around to the exhilaration of assisting open-heart surgery, “Interns” offers a privileged insight into the lives of five junior Doctors, throughout their first year of work in the public hospital system.

As five 24 year old interns’, with only 6 years of med school grow from raw graduates into doctors fit to practice medicine, the TV’s cameras capture the real life dramas that they face. Based at Auckland’s Central and Greenlane hospitals, the ten x 30-minute series closely follows the Doctors throughout the year as they cope with their induction to the hospital cycle. This character-driven, access all area’s docudrama uses actuality and interview to document the interns’ career and personal growth.

The episodes of interns are fashioned in a variety of forms, from a “day in the life” styled show, intercutting between Doctors in action, to stories detailing the interns’ involvement with patients and medical staff through every step of a major condition or operation. Audiences will never look at young Doctors the same way again.


Promotional Trailer

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Production Details

Producer: Derek Stuart

Thanks to: Auckland and Greenlane Hospitals

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Researcher: Rachel Antony

Script writer: Peter Allison

Production manager: Lisa Hopwood, Odile Simkin

Production coordinator: Wendy Tetley

Production assistant: Rachel Cooke

D.O.P. DJ Stipsen

Camera: Peter Bell, Andy Martin

Funder: TVNZ