Love Thy Neighbour


New Zealanders at War – With the People Next Door.  Throughout the suburbs, streets and lifestyle blocks of New Zealand, neighbours are at war.   This documentary features five stories of disputes between kiwi neighbours, ranging from whimsical tales of annoying animal sounds to intense, bitter battles over trees, fences, planes, bees, dogs, pigs – and bagpipe music.

No matter where we live, we’ve all got neighbours – even if your nearest one is miles away.  And many of us get on pretty well with the people over the fence – even if we do have the occasional grumble or flare-up – most people can either patch it up, or learn to live with their neighbour’s strange habits without resorting to violence or intimidation.

But this documentary “Love Thy Neighbour” will strike a chord with the increasing number of people who find it impossible to love, or even like their neighbour because they’ve gone beyond the bounds of what most would consider neighbourliness.



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Production Details

Producer: John Harris

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Writers/directors: Hannah Wallis, Trevor Conn

Researchers: Trevor Conn, Bridgid Davis, Julianne Evans

Offline editor: Christine Munro

Online editor: Hamish Hill

Production manager: Philippa Lellman

Camera: Fred Goldring, Craig Harding, Alan Hough, Chris Murray

Sound: Diana Byrami, James Lisette, don Mathewson

Narrator: Bruce Allpress

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ & NZ On Air