Modern Love


Serial fly-on-the-wall Modern Love – looking for love, lost love and celebrating love. In looking for love our singles begin their quest for love and we follow – Rochelle leaving the netball court looking for some different action, southern man Tim courting the personal’s column and Yasmine off to a party.   Yasmine has never been on a one on one date … we take her up to channel “Z” to see if we can make it happen.

We see who Yasmine will pick, does Tim overcome his ailments and will ‘Table for Six’ be the answer to Rochelle’s dreams.

We look at internet love – the virtual date, the cyber wedding, the first photos and when virtual becomes a reality.



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Production Details

Producer: Tessa Tylee

Exec producer: John Harris

Network exec: Kath Graham

Directors: Michelle Bracey, John Milligan, Kaye Ellmers, Dan Salmon, Simon Roy, Kath Graham, Leanne Pooley, Karen McKenzie

Researcher: Sally Aitken

Camera: Peter Mayo, Simon Ellis

Sound: Beth Tredray

Editor: Doug Braddock, Vaughan Bayer

Offline editor: Steve Mountjoy

Production manager: Sarah Metcalfe

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ