Money Man


A million dollar debt, working families struggling to pay the mortgage, Gen Yers addicted to living beyond their means, and skyrocketing living costs taking their toll on household budgets … Money Man encounters them all and attempts to turn around people’s lives. As a nation we’re addicted to overspending – and we’re getting deeper and deeper in debt.  From single parents to young professionals to spendaholics who just can’t help splashing out, making ends meet is a perennial problem.

But help is at hand.  Enter financial motivator Brendon Johnson – money minder, brains and brute efficiency in one formidable package.  Every episode Brendon enters the life of an individual or couple in monetary strife and puts them through financial boot-camp, with all the subtlety of an army drill sergeant.

Brendon’s mission is to retrain his subjects into financial recovery in just two weeks, with an unscheduled follow-up visit four weeks later to see how they’re coping with the new regime.

However our trainer isn’t just dispensing advice. He’s moving into their homes and taking over. He’s chopping up the credit cards, cancelling Sky subscriptions, banning junk food and frivolous purchases and putting his subjects on brutally strict budgets because they simply can’t afford to carry on overspending.

Money Man fuses an entertainment format with genuinely useful monetary advice, offering real and achievable solutions for day-to-day money-management problems – everything from rationalising bank accounts and paying bills on time to destroying excess credit cards.

The series focuses on a variety of people with various different money issues.  They may want to pay off their mortgage more quickly, save for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday, or simply make a dent in their credit-card debt.   They might need a new kitchen, a new car or a new attitude, but they must be willing to make a change.

Four series produced.


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Production Details

Producer: Ashley Stuart Coupland

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Sue Woodfield

Field director: Michelle Walsh, Simone Goulding

Compile: Penny Ashbrook

Offline editor: Emma Royd

Online editor: James Gardner

Production manager: Jani Alexander

Production coordinator: Luti Richards

Production assistant: Kirstee Neels

Camera: Andy Martin, Paul Clark

Sound: Alistair Wilson, Deb Frame, Mark Messenger, Phil Donovan

Narrator: Allan Bitcheno

Presenter: Bendon Johnson

Production accountant: Heidi Salter

Funded by: TV3 and New Zealand on Air