Motorway Patrol

Promotional Trailer

Motorway Patrol screens on TV2 with series 16 in post production.

Featuring all the terrible decision-makers, careless drivers, crashes, close calls and gas-fueled gymnastics the series is renowned for.

This series features a bumper crop of some of the most ‘what-were-they-thinking?’ moments captured so far.

See how far one mans adrenalin will take him after a spectacular motorbike crash, find out just how many rugby players can fit in a single vehicle and what happens when an illegal street racer tries to take off from a police checkpoint.

As always, we’re right there with the officers on the ground as they come face to face with drunk drivers, flipped cars, pedestrians on the motorway, drivers making a run for it and the many characters in between.

Auckland’s ‘JTOC’ motorway cameras pick up the big hits, flips and dangerous maneuvers as they happen, and track the drivers responsible.  These cameras ensure a birds-eye view of every incident as it unfolds.

Tune in to catch all the mayhem the officers of the New Zealand Police Motorway Patrol Unit deal with on a daily basis.

Best reality TV show 2001, TV Guide readers’ poll.  Series 16 of Motorway Patrol is currently being filmed.



Production Details

Production personnel series Motorway Patrol, Series 15

Year of screening  2015

Producers Wendy Tetley, Tash Christie

Thanks to  NZ Police Motorway Patrol, Ellerslie Patrol Unit, Harbour Bridge Patrol Unit, Joint Transport Operations Centre

Head of production Andrea Lamb

Network executive Kathryn Graham

Additional writer Bill Kerton

Post director Richard Larsen

Audio post Images & Sound

Graphics Brandspank, Component Media

Online editor Images & Sounds

Offline editor Adam Bazzard

Production manager Kali Moss

Production coordinator Haidee Brown

Camera Andrew Sim, Sjaak te Brake, Malcolm Clement, Mike Morpeth

Narrator Derek Judge

Music Liquid Studios, Digicake

Production accountant Hina Dalwadi

Financial controller Glenda Paterson

Funded by Television New Zealand