Motorway Patrol

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Get ready!   Ratings winner Motorway Patrol is back!  Join us for Series 16……

As always, we’re right there alongside Motorway Patrol officers as they deal with the crashed, the trashed and the smashed, the confused, amused and boozed – and everything else in between.

This series we answer pressing questions like ‘Is there ever a good time to tell an officer you’re going to punch them in the face?’  ‘Is it ever a good idea to drive 100km toward a bridge, carrying a load that’s too big to fit underneath?’  and ‘What happens when you go for a stroll along the live lanes of the motorway?’

We show you a plethora of examples of what happens when you drive drunk, from the lucky escapes to the big mistakes and why it’s never a good idea to try and make a run for it from the police.

Auckland’s motorway cameras pick up the big hits, flips and dangerous maneuvers as they happen and track the drivers responsible.  These cameras ensure a bird’s eye view of every incident as it unfolds.

Buckle in for the ride and join the New Zealand Police Motorway Patrol Unit as they deal with all the above and much, much more.

Best reality TV show 2001, TV Guide readers’ poll.  



Production Details

Production personnel series Motorway Patrol, Series 16

Year of screening  2017

Thanks to  NZ Police Motorway Patrol, Ellerslie Patrol Unit, Harbour Bridge Patrol Unit, Auckland Transport Operations Centre

Producers Wendy Tetley, Mary Durham

Head of Production Andrea Lamb

Executive Producer Richard Driver

Network Executive Kathryn Graham

Post Director Kali Moss

Line Producer Kylie Croft

Audio Post Images & Sound

Online Facility Department of Post

Editor Adam Bazzard

Production Manager Kali Moss

Production Assistant Louise Piper

Camera/Directors Andrew Sim, Sjaak te Brake, Vaughan Findlay, Simon Ogston, Scott Douglas, Malcolm Clement

Narrator Derek Judge

Music Liquid Studios, Digicake

Graphics Brankspank, Component Media

Production Accountant Hina Dalwadi

Financial Controller Glenda Paterson

Funder Television New Zealand