Neighbours at War

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TV2’s viewing favourite Neighbours at War returned for an explosive Season 8 on TV2 –  Neighbours at War –  Like us on facebook.

Once again, we shine the spotlight on New Zealand’s most extraordinary disputes, from some of the most ordinary kiwi neighbourhoods.

As always, we’ve set our sights on solving disputes simmering round the country, from the leafy burbs of Auckland, to the beachside baches of the Whāingaroa Harbour and into the heart of the Manawatu.

In West Auckland, home renovation meets homophobia with a Titirangi tiz that’s gone halfway round the world. We’ve got grave-like excavations, ghostly stains and rogue roots in Otahuhu and dressing downs in the dressing gown on an Auckland driveway.

Further south, aerial assaults and cross border incursions have turned the sleepy haven of Owhango into a war-zone, there are missing moggies in Raglan and a three-story catamaran has got Christchurch neighbours’ timbers shivering.

Helping to bring about peace in these battle-weary hoods isn’t for the faint-hearted, so we’ve roped in our best and bravest to mediate.

60 Minutes frontman Mark Sainsbury rides the wake of troubled westie waters, Police 10-7 icon Graham Bell hits the sirens down country and Radio royalty Dom Harvey steps in to help his residents see the wood for the trees.

We also pull off our first ever, international mediation, with Wallace Chapman wrangling a ‘Skype’ resolution between neighbours 18,000 kms apart.

Director Lee Baker says the programme is more than just reality TV gone mad.

‘At a time when the government is stripping back essential social services it’s reassuring to know that Neighbours At War is here to step into the breach, helping to solve neighbour disputes before they go pear-shaped and become a burden on the tax-payer. That we can do this whilst entertaining and possibly even educating the nation, proves that television can be a force for good’.

Neighbours at War was a finalist in 2010 Qantas Awards.

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Production Details

Year of screening 2015

Producer Tash Christie

Executive Producers Richard Driver, Andrea Lamb

Network Executive Tony Manson

Director/Writers Lee Baker, Bill Kerton

Field Director Richard Larsen

Researchers Nicole Wood, Jane Dowell, Ellie de Court

Online Editor James Brookes

Offline Editors Mike Viskovich, Adam Bazzard

Production Managers Jani Alexander

Production Coordinators Kali Moss, Haidee Brown

Camera  Chris Brokensha, Paul Clark

Sound Deb Frame, Mark Storey, Brad George

Sound Mix Franklin Road

Narrator Bill Kerton

Titles Concept Remote

Titles Sequence/Graphics Aaron Tam, Ruth Templer

Audio Post Franklin Road

Music Liquid Studios

Production Accountant Hina Dalwadi

Financial Controller Glenda Paterson

Funded by TVNZ