Fraught with the emotion of life and death, ‘Nurses’ brings to the screen a rare look into the lives of seven young Auckland City Hospital staff, their highs and lows, and the relationships they form with their patients and peers.

From the pace and adrenaline of the emergency teams to the intensive one-on-one nursing in the department of Critical Care, ‘Nurses’ engages the viewer with real life scenarios, and reveals why they follow such a demanding vocation … exposing along the way, the kind of experiences they have to deal with.

Shot over a six month period, ‘Nurses’ follows a docudrama format, each story giving further insight into the never ending cycle of patients and procedures, from the sentimental to the shocking.

It is against this canvas, that the nurses tell their compelling stories – directly to camera, filling seven half hour episodes with their everyday triumphs and tragedies.

From time-critical scenes, where resus teams labour to pull a life back from the edge, to the agonising frustrations of helplessness and healing, ‘Nurses’ is the closest New Zealand television has come to portraying nursing as it really is. 


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Production Details

Producer/director: Barry Caitcheon

Thanks to: Toyota, Auckland City Hospital and Auckland District Health Board

Exec producers: Nigel Snowden, Derek Stuart

Network exec: Jane Wilson

Editors: Glen Molesworth, Stu Boone

Production manager: Lauren Lunjevich

Production assistant: Natasha Garrett

Camera: Christian Driscoll

DOP: John Ramsay

Sound Mix: TVNZ

Narrator: Mike Hall

Music: Liquid Studios

Graphics: Flying Start Pictures

Post production: Milk

Production accountant: Odile Simkin

Financial controller: Peter Imrie

Funded by: TVNZ