Private Investigators


Debugging an Auckland apartment; things go horribly wrong for a document server; a car repossession gets ugly and a new private eye is born.

An inner-city businessman’s trade secrets are being leaked, but he’s not sure how.  It’s possible there’s a bug hidden somewhere in his office-apartment.  So he calls in private investigators Danny Thompson and Mike Rhodes from Auckland Investigations.  Using high-tech electronic debugging equipment, Danny and Mike do a sweep of the man’s office-apartment.  Says Danny:  “Finding a bug is extremely rare.”  What they do find in the apartment surprises even these two seasoned professionals…

Document server Don Peters visits an exclusive Auckland address to deliver a summons relating to a $190,000 debt.  But the occupant outwits Don, first by refusing to accept the document, then by locking Don inside the property with a very large, very angry dog nearby.  Much hilarity ensues as Don tries to extricate himself from his situation…

Undercover investigator “Shadow” has been hired to repossess a ute from a man in the middle of a matrimonial property dispute.  While the ute’s owner is in a bankruptcy hearing, Shadow arranges for a tow truck to remove the vehicle.  But the owner emerges from court before the tow truck has arrived.  And there’s no way he’s giving up without a fight…

Tamzin Davies is a young woman who wants to become a private eye.  We follow Tamzin through her interview with Auckland Investigations’ CEO Dan Thompson, then her application for a private investigator’s licence at the District Court and learn what it takes to become a P.I…

Julia Hartley-Moore and the detectives know what people really get up to in two series of Private Investigators.


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Production Details

Producer: Nigel Snowden

Thanks to: Julia Moore, Karoline Moore

Exec producer: John Harris

Network exec: Geoff Steven

Researcher: Jess Feast, Ben Feedman, Gay Cusack

Online editor: Hamish Hill

Offline editors: Glen Molesworth, Christine Munro, Rosie Olive

Production managers: Megan Douglas, Catherine White

Production coordinator: Odile Simkin

Director/camera: Jeff Cameron

Sound mix: Terry Murphy

Narrator: Jason Hoyte

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ