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Renters screens on TV2.  Join our favorite property managers as they deal with the shocking, funny, strange, unexpected and entertaining lives of their Renters.

From Whangarei in the North to Dunedin in the South and every-where in between, our property managers take us along for the ride.

In Christchurch we re-join Pru Morrall and her Good Girls as they take on everything from notorious rent dodgers and shoddy labourers to renovations and evictions.

‘Right you’re going to have to pack up and go’ Pru tells a room full of young men, ‘we’re done, we’re finished here…..I can smell the drugs. Get out. Go.’

Pru doesn’t suffer fools, whether they be hapless boarders or government agencies – refusing to accept anything but the best for her landlords and clients.

‘We’re still dealing with sub-standard workmanship. They want me to sign off on behalf of my owner, I cannot.’

Sharp as a tack, with boundless energy – Pru and her Good Girls don’t stop until the job is done.

We’re also back with Judy Morgan in Whangarei. Judy may be small in stature but she packs a punch when it comes to dealing with everything from meth- contaminated properties to complete abandonments. ‘More Clothes! What can I say, they might be running around naked for all I know…’

What Judy doesn’t know about property management isn’t worth knowing and any wayward tenants had better watch out!

Dunedins Gareth Harper faces one of his toughest situations yet, when he battles a hoarder on behalf of a private landlord. Meanwhile at Cutlers Property Management, Matt Cutler and Aimee Marsh deal with a new wave of student flatters.  Young and full of energy themselves, it seems impossible to phase these two ‘Definitely not the best shoes today…..’ says Aimee side-stepping some vomit on the street in her open-toed heels.

We revisit the unflappable Sue Whyte in Hamilton. Nurturing and generous Sues’ tenants and landlords love her alike – just don’t get on the wrong side of her or, as Sue puts it… ‘I’ll be the bitch from hell!’ From taming a party animal to dealing with the fallout from a fire – Sue knows what it takes to get the job done.

New on screen this series– Jared Buck from Wellington deals with rubbish and rent cheats. Vanessa and Jane from Summit property management Nelson take us from rural repairs to underground lairs, Vaughan Sandford from Bolitho needs to call in the aborists, and Leona Thompson from Chase Property Management Auckland isn’t happy with the state of a vacated property.

It’s all there – as part of the weird, wild and wonderful world, of Renters. 


Production Details

Production personnel series Renters Series 6

Year of screening 2016

Thanks to TVNZ Archives

Producer Wendy Tetley

Executive Producer Tash Christie

Network Executive Kathryn Graham

Post Director Richard Larsen

Offline Editor Richard Calder

Production Managers Anna Oram, Katy Taylor

Production Coordinator Nithya Ratnayake

Production Assistant Rebecca Phillips

Camera Marty Dean, Marcus Devine, Fraser Heal, Joe Morgan, Stan McFerrier, Mark Orton, Dan Pannett, Andy Sim, Matthew Simons, Sjaak te Brake, Chris Terpstra, Tom Walsh

Online Editor James Brookes,

Colourist James Gardner

Sound Mix Native Audio

Graphics 6twenty/Afterglow

Narrator Matt Shirtcliffe

Music Liquid Studios

Production Accountant Hina Dalwadi

Financial Controller Glenda Paterson

Funded by TVNZ