Rookie Vets


Throughout 2005, Greenstone Pictures filmed at New Zealand’s only veterinary school – Massey University in Palmerston North – for the series “Rookie Vets.”  The series followed seven students at work and play throughout their fifth and final year when, in reality, they’re just a few short months away from graduating and their first vet jobs in the “real world.”

The seven students are Corinne Cooper, Maya Robinson, Fraser Davidson, William Power, Estelle Louarduzzi, Liz Cowie and Bart Karalus.   In addition to this core cast, Rookie Vets also features a myriad of Massey Vet School staff, doctors, professors, specialists and vet nurses as well as fellow students, pet owners, farmers and racehorse breeder– and all the animals themselves.

Rookie Vets producer Mark Everton is full of praise for Massey University staff and students who co-operated with the demands of filming throughout their already very busy year.

“We quickly found the vet students’ workload is staggering and the pressure on them to perform is very intense. They’re expected to grasp a huge range of medical knowledge and be able to apply it to whatever situation they’re in. They all have to master some really tricky practical skills and make sure they’ve got them right for the animals’ safety – and their own.”

“We filmed in some very tough situations, when the heat was really on these young people and they always rose to the occasion. Their professionalism thoroughly impressed us all. The care and concern with which they treated the animals and owners was a pleasure to see. Big respect!” 


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Production Details

Producer: Mark Everton

Thanks to: Staff and students Massey University Veterinary School

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Tony Manson

Post production director: Jane Clayton

Researcher: Tash Lang

Online editor: Phil Dodds

Offline editor: Christine Munro

Production manager: Lornelle Henry

Production coordinator: Karen Bunting

Camera: Craig Wright

Narrator: Ian Hughes

Music: Liquid Studios

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ