The School of Home Truths

Promotional Trailer

Greenstone’s four-part documentary series for TVOne created a buzz among home buyers and sellers for its revealing insights into the tricks used by some real estate agents.  The programme’s aim was to make the public more aware of the pitfalls of the real estate game – and it succeeded. It used psychology, practical experiments, secret cameras and exams – and puts 13 home buyers and sellers through their paces. Three expert lecturers coached the class through a life stage that has the potential to end in real-life triumph or disaster.

For the first time this series brings psychology into the real estate equation showing how our personalities affect how we play the property game, from how we look at an open home to how well we handle the cut and thrust of price negotiation.  Dr Marc Wilson, the psychology expert at The School of Home Truths also reveals how our social conditioning can be exploited by professionals who take control of the purchase or sale of our house.

The School of Home Truths brings Neil Jenman, a well known Australian real estate critic, to New Zealand’s television screens. Jenman is a former real estate agent and in The School of Home Truths he lifts the lid on how the real estate agents play the game.

Finance expert Martin Hawes, well known in New Zealand as a best selling author, completes the line-up of instructors at the School of Truths. Hawes dishes out some financial home truths to our 13 buyers and sellers.

Over 4 weeks we follow these people through the process of buying or selling a home to see if they can take what they learn at The School of Home Truths and use it to win in real estate.


Production Details

Producer: Cass Avery

Developed by: Cass Avery & Emma Wooster

Thanks to: Dr Marc Wilson, Martin Hawes, Neil Jenman

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Andrea Lamb

Field directors: Robin Shingleton, Sharon Bennett

Development research: Dianne Lindesay, Charlotte Purdy

Researcher: Bridgid David, Jeni Leigh Walker

Online editor: Phill Dodds

Offline editors: Kristin Leys, Gary Sims

Production manager: Tanya Pouwhare

Production coordinators: Amie Watson, Talia Goodger

Camera: Andy Martin, Craig Wright, Shaun Logan, Robin Shingleton

Sound: Shaun Logan, Al Wilson, Fraser Satherley

Presenters:  Dr Marc Wilson, Martin Hawkes, Neil Jenman

Production accountant: Liz Goddard

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ