The School of Success

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The School of Success takes 12 people back to school, under the guidance of a Psychologist, communication expert and business guru, to find out whether material success can be learnt.  The ‘students’ range from a millionaire who wants to break through to the mega rich bracket, to a young man who’s been on the wrong side of the tracks and now wants to join the police force. A  dogmatic couple determined to franchise their personal training business, a creative duo who claim to be bringing Hollywood to New Zealand, a real estate mogul, a cocky Gen Y recruitment officer and a ‘self confessed’ self help addict.

Psychology expert Dr Marc Wilson demonstrates how our personalities can set us up for success and failure and shows us how we can use the strengths of our personalities to our advantage. Communication whiz John Wall reveals the skills required to get the best out of everyday situations; including networking, goal setting and sales. Business expert Tony Falkenstein, takes a cold, hard look at some of our students’ business plans. For others, the incentive to strive for their dream job.

Which students will be brave enough to face their personality flaws, heed the experts advice and fly to new material heights?

Can success be learnt?  Our experts believe it can.


Episode 1

New Zealand's Reliance on the clean green image is an environmental, social and economical issue but how pure are we and what are we doing about it?

Episode 2 - Climate Change

Climate change is already affecting the world we live in but what are its implications for New Zealand and how can we slow it down?

Episode 3 - Fresh Water

Most of New Zealand's monitored waterways are polluted, but how has this happened and is it possible to turn things around?

Episode 4 - Biodiversity

Hunting, habitat loss and introduced predators have destroyed much of New Zealand's biodiversity, but volunteers around the country are trying to protect what is left - can they succeed?

Episode 5 - The Sea

As an island nation, New Zealand's marine environment is incredibly important, but what are we doing to it and how can we ensure its health into the future?

Episode 6 - The Land

Sustainability has become a major issue in recent times as resources become scarce and environmental damage spreads but is it possible to change the way we live?


Production Details

Producer: Bridgid Davis

Thanks to: Dr Marc Wilson, John Wall & Tony Falkenstein

Exec producer: Cass Avery

Network exec: Jude Callen, John Wright

Post production directors: Bridgid Davis, Robin Shingleton

Researchers: Anna Walker, Ash Mahagaonka

Offline editor: Gary Sims

Production manager: Tanya Pouwhare

Camera: Andy Martin, Shaun Logan, Paul Clark, Christ Brokensha, Robin Shingleton

Sound: Shaun Logan, Al Wilson, Clayton Carpinter

Presenters: Dr Marc Wilson, John Wall, Tony Falkenstein

Financial controller: Glenda Paterson

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Funded by: New Zealand on Air and TVNZ