Together Again


Fronted by Kerre Woodham “Together Again” is a ten part series for TV2 where people who haven’t seen each other for a very long time are reunited.  There is frequently an element of surprise, as most people don’t know the ones they are seeking are about to turn up. 

Each episode is made up three different reunions, and the reasons behind them are a mixture of the moving, the funny, the entertaining, and stories to make you smile. 

A large cross section of kiwis from up and down New Zealand, and a fair few from overseas as well, have been brought together again to share their stores. 

Examples include a man who is reunited with the father in England he hasn’t seen for 35 years; a team of 9-year-old marching girls who were in a winning team in the 70’s are brought together to step out again.  A young woman from Northland wants to thank the teacher, now living in England, who inspired her back in the 80’s.  Beauty queens from Miss New Zealand 1980 come together from all over New Zealand and reminisce, and naturally we see the 1980 beauties as they were in the televised show back then. 

As well there are old friends, families, rock bands, sports teams, and the casts of popular television shows, making up a colourful series that mixes nostalgia with entertainment and brings happiness to many people whose thought they might never see their loved ones again.



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Production Details

Producer: Janice Finn

Exec producer: John Harris

Network exec: Irene Gardiner

Director: Maree Quinn

Researchers:  Cass Avery, Rachel Stace

Offline editor: Sandy Pantall

Production managers: Toni Williams, Mandy Harris

Camera: Peter Mayo, Chris Terpstra, Steve Fisher, Rebecca Mellor

Sound: Terry King, Ant Nevison, Michale Kerslake

Narrator: Kerre Woodham

Graphics: Louis Hyman

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TV2