Towing – it’s a nasty job but somebody has to do it.

In this 6 x half hour series of  “Towies”, Greenstone Pictures gives you a from-the-cab view into the world of the Towie – featuring sensitive new age tow truck operators in a never-ending war with irate motorists.

In Auckland, with over half a million cars on the road, towing is big business.  On average, about 150 cars get towed every day.

But it can be an ugly business.  Nobody likes being towed.  The towie is the last person any motorist wants to see.  Unless of course, they’ve just broken down on the motorway.  Then the towie is their guardian angel.

Towies work day and night and in all weathers, cleaning up after motorway accidents, towing illegal parkers, pulling cars out of ditches and rivers, patrolling the clearways to keep rush hour traffic flowing.

They’ve cleaned up their act over the last ten years, but Towies are still universally hated. 

For three months while filming this series, Peter Bell director/cameraman got a close up feel of what it’s like being on the unpopular side of the towing hook.  The world of the towie is tough, unpredictable, and, at times, it can get ugly.


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Production Details

Producer: Tony Manson

Thanks to: The towies who shared their stories

Exec producer: John Harris

Director/camera: Peter Bell

Writer: Maree Quinn

Editor: Dermot McNeilage

Production manager: Philippa Hall

Production runner: Meg Freeman

Camera: Mike Griffin, Peter Bell

Production accountant: Glenda Paterson

Funded by:  TV2