Trade Wars


The kiwi obsession with real estate, is only topped by the other kiwi obsession –  taking real estate and tarting it up, knocking it down, adding on, relocating, altering,  and improving…or renovating.

Contractors and builders are an inevitable part of the renovation equation. But while most builders and contractors are good, honest, salt of the earth folk, it’s the con men, fraudsters, and general dodgy types that are the focus of TV’s new factual entertainment show Trade Wars.

The Trade Wars team work with “good, honest, salt of the earth” New Zealanders who have been stung by “con men, fraudsters, and general dodgy types.” They work with people who may have had to re-mortgage homes to keep a roof over their heads because of rogue builders who run off with their cash, leave their houses half finished, or in a worst state than when the builder first parked their ute in the driveway.

Trade wars building assessor Stan Scott (from DIY Rescue) is the first to arrive. He assesses how much damage has been done by the dodgy builder, and works out how much it’ll cost to finish any outstanding work.

In a show that uncovers the dark side of the New Zealand building trade, the Trade Wars team use humour and smarts (and a TV camera) to stand up for kiwis who have had no luck in resolving issues with their builders. We meet a fascinating bunch of New Zealanders along the way. It’s the most entertaining way to sit in front of television, and really root for the underdog. 


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Production Details

Producer: Saul Fearnley

Thanks to: Paragon N.Z. Building Disputes Tribunal, Stan Scott Carpenters, Irwin Industrial Tools, Monaco Corp, and My Tradesman

Exec producer: Nigel Snowden

Network exec: Tony Manson

Director: Michelle Arden, Simone Goulding, Penny Ashbrook

Writer: Saul Fearnley

Editor: Allan Bitcheno

Online Editor: James Gardner

Production manager: Jani Alexander

Production coordinators: Georgina Bakker, Katia Struder

Camera: Paul Clark, Tony Wilson

Sound: Phil Donovan, Mark Messenger, Brad George

Narrator: Allan Bitcheno

Presenters: Stan Scott, Daniel Toresen, John Green

Production accountants: Peter Imrie, Odile Berry

Funded by: TVNZ