Trent’s Wildcat Adventures


Trent Barclay dedicated zoo keeper and good all-round kiwi-bloke. Since featuring on ‘The Zoo’ he’s fast become a family favourite – and there’s no doubt his passion for wild cats has helped win the hearts of viewers.
In this exciting series, “Trent’s Wildcat Adventures” Trent travels to the wilds of South Africa where he embarks on an adventure of a lifetime – encountering his beloved wild cats up close and personal in their natural habitat.  Trent is on a fact-finding mission like no other…..meeting people like him who are crazy about cats, and discovering all there is to know about these amazing animals….
We join Trent on an amazing journey that will take him all over South Africa seeking out wild cat adventures.


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Production Details

Producer: Karren Woolly

Thanks to: Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, Amakhala Game Reserve

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec:  Kathryn Graham

Directors: Sharon Bennett, Tina Diaz

Researcher: Erin Johnson

Writers: Sharon Bennett, Tina Diaz

Online editors: Franki Ashiruka-Bruckner, Michael Viskovich

Online editor: Hamish Hill

Production manager: Bronwyn Bezuidenhout

Production coordinator: Gemma Murcott

DOP:  Simon Ellis

Sound: Ant Nevison

Narrator: Trent Barclay

Financial controller:  Glenda Paterson

Production accountant: Hina Dalwadi

Funded by: TVNZ