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TV One’s top rating show, Wild Vets continues in the third series with more stories from the vets who work with zoo animals and some of new Zealand’s most endangered birds.

Many of the faces from the previous two series are back for the third, alongside vets who are appearing for the first time and, as always, the challenges they face are as varied as the animals they have to work with.

Kate McInnis from the Department of Conservation takes us on hunts for short-tailed bats in Fiordland and Great Spotted Kiwi eggs in Kahurangi National Park.  Brett Gartrell and the team at Massey Wildlife Health Centre are working with kiwis, takahes and moreporks. 

Wellington Zoo’s newest head vet, Lisa Argilla has to check out monkeys, cheetahs, and the world’s smallest monkey.  At Hamilton zoo, vet Mike Goold is treating an agouti and operating on a tiger and at Orana Wildlife Park, Dave Martin is back with lions, cheetahs and a kangaroo called Matilda.  At Natureland Zoo in Nelson we meet vet Mana Stratton.and a tiny capuchin called CJ.

There are baby lions, a newborn Giraffe called Savannah and, at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, vet Pauline Howard faces a life and death struggle to save a newly hatched kiwi chick.

Perhaps the most endearing story of the series is the tale of Pixie the penguin, who arrived at vet Mana Stratton’s sanctuary in Nelson weighing just 66 grams.  Over the course of the series we follow Mana’s battle to save Pixie and get her back to the wild.

In Wild Vets, the struggle to keep animals in good health is often tense, sometimes dangerous and always interesting.


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Production Details

Producer: John Bates

Thanks to: The Vets who shared their stories

Exec producer: Andrea Lamb

Network exec: Kathryn Graham

Post production director/writer: Karen Bates

Offline Editors: Bryan Shaw, Glen Molesworth

Online Editor: James Gardner

Production manager: Hebe van Schagen

Production coordinator: Carita de Jong

Camera: Hayden Campbell, Baz Caitcheon, Fraser Heal, Brian Wickstead, Gary Hopper, Chris Murray

Sound Mix: Suite 16

Narrator: Mike Hall

Music: Liquid Studios, Shane Warbrooke

Graphics: Play

Production accountants: Hina Dalwadi, Heidi Salter

Financial Controller: Glenda Paterson

Funded by: TVNZ