Greenstone has developed its own formats in several genres. All have been tested and proven in the New Zealand market.

A number of successful Greenstone shows are available as formats to be made in other territories. Production bibles are available for these. Contact


Ask your Auntie

A panel of indigenous women answer a wide range of problems from viewers.


Studio and field items examine many of the topics affecting young people 10–14.


This one’s for kids – a group of streetwise youngsters hand out advice and support for their peers who are struggling with life’s worries, both big and small.



Across the Ditch

Unsuspecting individuals are whisked off to a neighbouring country to take part in outrageous challenges.

Demons to Darlings

Family therapist Diane Levy works with nine families who face terrible sleep battles, constant tantrums, shopping warfare and childcare issues.


The popular series that follows Kiwi couples on their trip down the aisle.

Hotel SOS 

A series that helps struggling or underperforming Hotels and Motels.  Taking on the challenge are industry veterans Franki Mahoney and Simon Shreeve.

Second Honeymoon

Two (childless) presenters ‘adopt’ a houseful of kids for the weekend.


A Flock of Students

A quirky, wildlife-documentary style look at student life in a university city.

Do or die

Survivors of near-death events relive their nightmares … and experts give advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.


Beginning in the graveyard, these dramatised documentaries reveal the true stories behind intriguing gravestones.

Money Man

Money fuses an entertainment format with genuinely useful monetary advice, offering real, achievable solutions for money-management problems.


Serious Crash Unit follows Police who investigate fatal road crashes. Features reconstructions, interviews with victims’ families, and graphics which show the moments before a crash.

The Business of Crime

A chilling insight into criminals’ minds and methods, with hidden cameras and exclusive interviews.

The School of Success

A dozen people go back to school – and subject themselves to psychological testing, character profiling and secret filming – to learn the secrets of being successful.