Meet the interns

Greenstone is delighted to introduce our two new interns for 2019; Jamin Greenwood and Tom Irwin.  Already these young men are proving their worth working on the set of Kitchen Science with Dr Michelle Dickinson.

Jamin Greenwood was born and raised in Christchurch, and has grown up with a passion for creativity and writing.  During Jamin’s time as a student at the Christchurch Broadcasting School, he developed an enjoyment for production work, editing and camera work.  Jamin has a love of music with story-telling and enjoys piecing together the puzzle that further helps story development in visual situations.

Tom Irwin also a student of N.Z. Broadcasting School in Christchurch studying TV and screen.  Tom enjoys the process of creating visual content from the initial idea through to finalising the edit.  Tom is creative, interested in different forms of the arts such as film, music and photography.  He developed an interest in edit and was given the opportunity to edit a wide variety of content over the past few years.

We look forward to seeing these creative young men thrive in their chosen careers.