Opera in partnership with Greenstone TV presents a feature screen production of Handel’s baroque masterpiece, Semele.

Kid Sister

Lulu is a young Kiwi woman in her prime but in the Jewish world she is careening towards ‘Spinster’.

The Explorer Club

Introducing iconic NZ explorers to kids through hands-on adventures of their own

The Explorer Club

Antarctica from Above

At the bottom of the world is a place of wild isolation. Antarctica. Its vastness and extremes defy description.

My Life is Murder

Starring New Zealand’s own Lucy Lawless, My Life is Murder is a contemporary mystery of the week series, featuring fearless and unapologetic Alexa Crowe whose unique skills and insights allow her to unravel the truth behind the most baffling of crimes.

Team of 5 Million

“Team of Five Million” is a journey back to the extraordinary year of 2020. The year of the arrival of a deadly virus



A monumental new series tracing the Origin of Maori