Discovering stories of home, work and play from the 1940's to the 1980's

Decades in Colour

6 episodes x 60mins | Prime TV

Decades In Colour 2 is the next installment of this vibrant and evocative documentary series, presented by the most iconic of New Zealanders, Judy Bailey.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed footage and shared your stories. And thanks to NZ On Air for making this unique project possible.  Coming to Prime Sunday 1st October 8.30pm

This time we travel all the way from the war-torn 1940’s to the tumultuous 1980’s discovering stories about HOME, WORK and PLAY, from the inside out.

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“I remember coming home with all my babies and I just sat in the back seat and held onto them. I wouldn't have dreamed of putting them in a car seat”

Judy Bailey

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