Dog Squad Puppy School

20 x 23' | TVNZ 1

Dog Squad Puppy School, a spin-off from the long-time favourite TV series Dog Squad, is back on screens for a second series of fun, family friendly episodes following the journeys of puppies from Police and Biosecurity along with elite service organisations Mobility Dogs and Blind and Low Vision Guide Dogs.

We go back to the beginning following some of the cutest, jaw dropping and most adorable puppies you’ll ever see, as they leave their rough and tumble siblings to begin their journey of training to become working dogs.


Dog Squad Puppy School shows the contrasting traits, personalities and skills required from each breed in order to be trained to become a dog with a job.

German Shepherds hoping to make it as operational Police canine crime fighters need to be loyal, driven and have the nerves to pass temperament tests along with consistency with tracking.

The intelligent, playful and quirky Beagles have a natural curiosity along with strong scenting ability, this is a must have when it comes to detecting food at the border that may contain harmful pests and diseases.

Guide Dogs need to have the ability to lead safely when taking on the responsibility of being the seeing eye for a blind or visually impaired person.

The endearing clever, smart and quick learning Golden Retrievers exhibit empathy and exceptional retrieving skills making them a perfect fit to be trained as Mobility Dogs, where they become the arms and legs for a person with a disability.

Our cameras take the viewer along for the ride following each pups journey, starting with moving away from their litter and in with their foster families, puppy raisers and puppy walkers for a spell of socialisation. Some are found not to have the goods to make it and drop out, while those who are successful move on to training, the fun part of the game where everything results in the pups receiving rewards. From here we follow them as they’re matched with their prospective handlers and over a number of months transition through multiple training levels before finally graduating and becoming an operational dogs with jobs.


It’s all part of a pup’s life on Dog Squad Puppy School screening on TVNZ 1, from 16th February

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The ruff and tumble of puppy school

“Every dog has its day and this time it's the turn of the younger 'dogs with jobs' with the arrival of local series Dog Squad Puppy School”

Melenie Parkes, TV Guide

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