Dog Squad Puppy School

30 x 23' | TVNZ 2

Dog Squad: Puppy School is back with an exciting third series.

Crime fighting Police pups, Border protecting Biosecurity pups, drug detecting Corrections pups, life navigating Blind Low Vision pups, independence providing Mobility pups and a Search and Rescue snow dog, are all the stars of this fun, family friendly 10- episode series.


Dog Squad: Puppy School Series’ 3 follows on from Series 1 and 2, documenting the journeys of talented pups from Police, Biosecurity, Corrections, Mobility Dogs, Blind Low Vision and newbie to the program, a wannabe Land SAR Avalanche pup.

New to Dog Squad: Puppy School Series 3 is Echo the snow dog, a trainee LandSAR dog with ambitions to locate people who may have the misfortune to be lost in an avalanche.

In addition to Dog Squad: Puppy School being released on TVNZ1 and TVNZ OnDemand, for fans wanting more information and fantastic photos of these dedicated canines, there is the @dogsquadnz Facebook page and @nzdogsquad Instagram account with regular updates on the Dog Squad stars who feature in each episode. It’s all part of a pup’s life on Dog Squad: Puppy School screening on TVNZ2 Thursday 17th February at 7.30pm



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The ruff and tumble of puppy school

“Every dog has its day and this time it's the turn of the younger 'dogs with jobs' with the arrival of local series Dog Squad Puppy School”

Melenie Parkes, TV Guide

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