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Edgewalkers a 10-part gritty docu-soap series for TVNZ On Demand depicts the reality of what it’s like to be young, African, Muslim and following your dreams in Auckland 2018.

Offering a rare look into a largely unseen world, we see the reality of living life as an Edgewalker – through the eyes of the men living their lives between two worlds.

It’s about friendship. The Brotherhood. It’s about music. It’s about men finding their way in the world. It’s about fitting in. It’s about fighting. It’s about loving. It’s about acceptance.

It’s a journey into the unknown with Syco, Mayz and Gho$t and those in their Mt Roskill community, and the people they encounter on their journey to make music and find where they fit and how.

In this contemporary, coming-of-age experience, we’ll follow their collective vision of making it big, while also making their families proud. Maybe they can’t achieve both? Maybe they can?

Edgewalkers is a raw and authentic deep-dive into the everyday challenges of cementing an identity – while remaining true to their “roots” as they seek approval in all sorts of places and try to stay cool while doing it.

In this new series for TVNZ OnDemand we get real insight into these struggles as Kiwi and African cultures collide and Mt Roskill comes to life, the music scene and the unashamed ambition …. Blessed Mvmnt.

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Kiwi hip-hop group Blessed Mvmnt reveal what it's like to be "Edgewalkers"

“It's hard enough trying to find your way in the world as a young person, it's even harder when your identity is caught between cultures and religions.”

N.Z. Herald

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