Stories behind intriguing gravestones


39 episodes x 30

Presented by Paul Gittins: Half-hour dramatised documentaries revealing the stories behind intriguing gravestones. Many of these true stories have never been told before. Greenstone produced 3 series of Epitaph.

These stores behind the inscriptions include – A Glorious Death: Francis Vernon Douglas was a young New Plymouth man who had the looks to become a film star but chose the priesthood. He was based in the Philippines when war broke out. The Japanese, believing him to be a spy, tied him to a pillar in a church and tortured him for three days – but he said nothing. There is a college named after him in his hometown but mystery still surrounds his fate. Paul’s journey begins at the memorial plaque which proclaims that Father Francis died a ‘glorious death’.  Sample episodes available on YouTube.

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