Go Further South

1 x episode|720 minutes|Prime TV

Teaming up with Heritage Expeditions, GO FURTHER SOUTH picks up where GO SOUTH left off . . . island hopping our way across the Southern Ocean, going as far south as possible: Scott Base & McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

As the temperatures dip, the nights get shorter and we experience other-worldly landscapes in “almost real” time.

The vast Southern Ocean lies in our backyard. It’s dark, mysterious, and freezing . . . known as a place of wild, mercurial winds and intrepid sailors who either turned back or fought for survival. It’s a journey that combines wild sub-Antarctic bush and windswept fjords, with seas that shift from glassy calm to heaving waves of water. It’s abundant with teeming wildlife; majestic albatross, feisty elephant seals, and chirpy penguin colonies, all co-existing amongst floating mountains of ice, and the snowy extremes of Antarctica’s Admiralty Range and Mt. Erebus.

But this journey isn’t just a collection of stunning landscapes – at its heart is the story of our collective capacity for wonder . . . and grit.

It’s a journey that traces the footsteps of our forebears; New Zealanders and our ancestors have a long history of exploration in the Southern Ocean and its Sub-Antarctic Islands. From Kupe to Hillary, our ability to take on harsh conditions in pursuit of the unknown is legendary.  As surreal as it seems in 2020, the journey south over seas of ice is as integral to our national imagination and kaupapa, as wild pork and waka hourua.

Traveling along Antarctica’s Ross Sea, curated facts & insights tell tales of Māori and European explorers who first visited these shores. Against the backdrop of an immersive and mesmerising soundscape, are the mind-blowing visuals of the Antarctic’s active volcanoes . . . abandoned research stations . . . 30-metre high icebergs . . . and huts occupied by Shackleton and Scott . . .

It’s an unmissable event, screening on Prime TV 12 hours of spectacular SLOW TV, now on catch up Sky TV.  

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Go Further South

“Go Further South provides scenic escape all the way to the bottom of the world”

N.Z. Herald, David Skipworth

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