A no-nonsense, video platform to vent your frustration.


10 episodes x 30mins | TVNZ2

vNew Zealand, a nation of four and a half million kiwis … and not all of them happy. Suffer in silence no longer. Finally, here’s a no-nonsense, video platform to vent your frustration.

Gutsful! – a programme that will listen to all your gripes, grizzles and grievances.
This is no voyeuristic ramble around your shambles. We’re putting it right … within reason.

The word ‘gutsful’ is uniquely Kiwi; an extension of the experience of feeling ‘gutted’ after an unfortunate event.

Gutsful! takes a distinctive approach to community frustrations, sorting-out smouldering differences and burning issues. We give a voice to the often-trod trials of rubbish, pollution, noise and traffic. We also cast the net wider, shining a light on situations that resonate across the country; including freedom camping, post boxes, crematoriums and the changing face of our beaches.

Series One travels from the winterless North to the stunning South, meeting kiwis who have had enough. The Gutsful! crew enlist local authorities and organisations, going next level to help action change. But often the most successful solutions come from grassroots.

Be warned – some material might be unsettling for some viewers. We advise discretion.


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“It’s great to see the real New Zealand back on TV.”

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