Honey Wars

8 x episodes 23' | Prime

HONEY WARS follows the fortunes – and misfortunes – of the Murray family, the force behind Tai Tokerau Honey, a whānau-owned and operated honey business based in the far north of New Zealand.  Helmed by husband and wife Rob and Lon Murray and staffed by their offspring, siblings and cousins, Tai Tokerau Honey is famous for its Mānuka honey which, at its most potent, can fetch hundreds of dollars a kilo.


But the business of bees is a fickle one and the Murrays face a battle on several fronts to keep their business and therefore their whānau, afloat.  Naturally optimistic and with a huge zest for life, Rob’s philosophy could be summed up as spend now, worry later. Indeed, the stresses of the battling business are often left for Lon to handle.  But with an enduring 28-year relationship behind them, it seems there’s little these two can’t tackle head-on. Screening Sunday 21st June Prime TV

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